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Ebook Sale Notice – Zondervan Academic Gospels Commentaries

Zondervan Sale

Zondervan Academic is currently having an awesome sale on some of their Gospels commentaries (up to 80% off!). The volumes fall into several series:

  1. NIV Application Commentary helps us understand how the Bible’s ancient message speaks today. I always consult this series when preparing a sermon. At $4.99 a pop, these are probably the best deals of the sale. You’ll want to snag Darrell Bock’s volume on Luke, as he’s one of today’s premier evangelical scholars on the Gospel of Luke!
  2. Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (ZECNT) is designed especially for the pastor, Bible teacher, or students/laypeople with some knowledge of biblical Greek and is a powerful tool for anyone doing robust exegesis. This is probably my favorite Zondervan commentary series and one I almost always consult when I study a text of the New Testament, whether for personal edification, sermon preparation, or writing exegetical papers. I heartily recommend all three ZECNT volumes on sale, especially the volume on Matthew by the inestimable Grant Osborne, who just retired from TEDS.
  3. Story of God Bible commentary (SGBC) offers clear and compelling exposition in the context of the Bible’s overarching story. While outside the scope of this sale, the Conan O’Brien of biblical studies (Mike Bird) published the volume on Romans and the jazz saxophonist who taught me an aspect of Greek with a modern twist (Con Campbell) will be publishing the volume on 1-3 John. But you can get Scott McKnight’s volume on the Sermon on the Mount for $6.99.

The other series on sale (with which I’m less familiar) are the Expositor’s Bible Commentary, Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary, and Studies on the Go. Check out Zondervan Academic’s Gospels ebooks sale and stock up your digital library with great reference resources for your personal study, academic work, and/or teaching/preaching. The sale ends at 11:59 EST on August 11.


Deal Alert: Westerholm’s Justification Reconsidered & D. Campbell’s The Deliverance of God (Logos)

Amazing Logos deals for two must-have Paul books!

Theological Musings

Right now at Logos you can not only get Doug Campbell’s massive tome The Deliverance of God: An Apocalyptic Rereading of Justification in Paul for only $.99, but you can also get Stephen Westerholm’s Justification Reconsidered: Rethinking a Pauline Theme for free. That’s right folks, two fantastic books for only a buck! Do I need to tell you to go grab them?

View original post

In the Mail

I’ve never made a blog post just on books received before, but today’s was too good. While at work I knew that my order from Westminster Books had arrived, so I was excited about it all day. But when I got home, I discovered an additional surprise waiting for me. It felt like Christmas!


The title at the very top was kindly sent by Westminster John Knox for review. It’s a new book that I’ve been excited about for quite a few months. In From Jesus to the ChurchDr. Craig Evans focuses attention on a facet of early Christian history that has been neglected, namely, the clash between the family of high priest Annas and the family of Jesus of Nazareth. Dr. Evans’s goal is to “draw attention to the importance of this prophecy, what motivated it, and the effects it had on both the followers of Jesus and on the followers of Annas, his family, and allies” (2).

The title in the middle hardly needs introduction. Dr. Constantine Campbell’s Paul and Union with Christ won last year’s Christianity Today book award in biblical studies. But I wanted it before it was cool 😀 It’s on clearance at Westminster Books for around $7 cheaper than Amazon. So if this book has been on your wish list, it’s time to snag it (click the link above). And while you’re at it,browse the rest of the clearance section. Shipping is free for purchases over $49.

The title on the bottom is also on clearance at Westminster Books – a whopping $14 cheaper than Amazon! I love the Pillar New Testament Commentary series; I also read anything by Leon Morris. I’d recommend this volume to anyone looking for a commentary on Matthew, but especially to laymen. This series is, in my opinion, the meatiest fare that’s lay-accessible. Click here to check it out.

This purchase was made possible by all of you – it was made with the first gift certificate I received as a WTS Books affiliate, so I didn’t spend a penny and I still have some money left over for next time. So, thanks for clicking and buying. Let me just say, though, that I would still recommend WTS Books even if I were not an affiliate. First of all, the prices are phenomenal. Normal prices are around the same as Amazon, and sale prices are, of course, cheaper. Perhaps more importantly, WTS Books serves Westminster Theological Seminary in Glenside. Need I say more? WTS Books rocks because WTS rocks. Vos is boss. Beale is unreal. Gaffin has me laughin with nerdy delight. Ok, I’ll stop now.

A Sale Notice, A Thank You, And a “White Whine”

A bit earlier a friend clued me in to a sale on Beale’s books from Westminster Books. I’ve been drooling over his New Testament biblical theology for a very long time, also pining after his Commentary on the NT use of the OT. But these are expensive books, and so I constantly suppressed my desire for them. But right now the former is going for $30.24 and the latter for $32.99! To see other Beale books on sale, click here. I’m usually not an impulse buyer, not even for books I really want. But I placed my order right away, not wanting to risk them running out of sale books.

Well, moments after placing my order, I got an email with a Westminster Books gift certificate. I couldn’t believe this most unfortuitous timing; I was lamenting at the amount of money I could have saved. But hey, God is sovereign… so maybe there are other books in the future that He wants me to get 😀

Anyway, this is my first gift certificate from WTS Books as a blog partner. So thank you to all who have clicked and purchased through my WTS Books links.

Two other notable deals (freebies) for the month:

  • Christianaudio.com gives away a free audiobook download a month. This month’s freebie is an ESV audio Bible!
  • Reformation Trust has been giving away a free ebook a month since last July (I think). This month is R.C. Sproul’s commentary on the Gospel of John.

You’ll want to “pick up” these great freebies! And check out the unBEALEvable sale 😀

Ebook Deals


  1. How People Change (Timothy Lane and Paul Tripp). This probably won’t be free for long, so grab it now!
  2. The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon (Steve Lawson). This is Reformation Trust’s free title for November.
  3. The ESV Study Bible App is being given away for free by Crossway in commemoration of their 75th anniversary. Available through the end of November.


  1. Crossway’s specials this week feature academic titles. Print and electronic versions are both on sale. Notable titles include Jim Hamilton’s God’s Glory in Salvation Through Judgment and  Peter Gentry and Stephen Wellum’s Kingdom Through Covenant. Discounted prices available through November 24, 2013.
  2. B&H Academic also has some notable titles on sale, including Mark Dever’s The Church and Craig Blomberg’s Jesus and the Gospel. Discounted prices available through November 26, 2013.
  3. Zondervan has placed 9 ebooks in the Counterpoint series on sale through Dec. 2.

eBook Deals

I usually just tweet ebook deals, but today I’m dedicating a post to book deals (both print and electronic) because there are so many amazing ones right now.

  1. First is Reading the Gospels Wisely by Jonathan Pennington (Baker Academic, July 1, 2012) – ebook for $4.99, sale ends November 4, 2013. Pennington is associate professor of New Testament interpretation at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and this book was highly recommended to me by a friend who recently completed an M.Div. at SBTS and was profoundly impacted by Pennington’s teaching.
  2. This week’s deals from Crossway focus on preaching the Word. The volumes on Deuteronomy, Proverbs, Song of Solomon, and 1-3 John from the “Preaching the Word” commentary series are on sale through November 3, 2013. For each of the volumes, print copies are $9.99 and electronic copies are $3.99.
  3. Finally, Zondervan Academic has twenty-seven ebooks on sale through November 3, 2013 in celebration of Reformation week. There are some great titles here, so check out the link.

Tolle lege!