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Book Notice – New Dictionary of Theology (Second Edition)

Davie, Martin, et al., ed. New Dictionary of Theology: Historical and Systematic (Second Edition). Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic, 2016. 1044 pp. $60.00

First published in 1988, IVP Academic’s New Dictionary of Theology has become an indispensable/definitive resource for pastors and theological students alike, providing an introduction to a host of diverse of topics in systematic, historical, and biblical theology. This new edition reflects some of the most important new issues in historical and systematic theology that have arisen in the past three decades, boasting over 400 new articles. The articles on biblical theology in the first edition have been eliminated due to IVP Academic’s New Dictionary of Biblical Theology (2000), giving this dictionary a specific focus on historical and systematic theology (as reflected in the new subtitle).

New articles address challenging contemporary issues such as abortion, gender, and human rights law and new theological movements such as analytic theology, postliberalism, and the Yale School. I was particularly delighted to see new articles on theology from the majority world, such as African theology, Arab Christian thought, Asian Christian thought, Black theology, Chinese theology, Japanese Christian thought, and Korean theology. Since the first edition did not have a single article on theology outside the West, the presence of these articles seems to reflect a conscious decision on the part of the editors. Old articles have also been rewritten by new authors, including, interestingly, justification (previously by N. T. Wright, now by Brian Lugioyo). The article on justification reflects what seems to be a general emphasis on historical rather than systematic presentation.

With over 800 articles by some of the finest theologians of our day addressing a variety of topics in historical and systematic theology (e.g. figures, movements, doctrines), the second edition of IVP Academic’s New Dictionary of Theology is an essential resource for historical and systematic theology from a broadly evangelical perspective. Those with strong confessional affiliations will likely find irksome the lack of definitive theological position in some articles and those more conservative might be troubled by openness to positions such as a nonhistorical Adam, annihilationism, etc. However, as a one-volume reference, there is no better resource than the new second edition of New Dictionary of Theology.

Thanks to IVP Academic for the review copy!

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