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2017 Reading Goals – GNT & OTP

Next year I aim to read through three sets of literature: the Greek New Testament, Charlesworth’s two-volume Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, and the Old Testament in English.


I know I’m going to get yelled at for not having any Hebrew in my one-year reading plan, but I’m still an infant when it comes to Hebrew and can’t imagine reading large chunks of text in one sitting yet. Since I will be taking OT canon courses next year which require around six exegetical papers each, I will be in Hebrew texts on a somewhat regular basis. I plan to devote some time to reviewing Hebrew next summer and will definitely be aiming to read from the Hebrew Bible daily starting the subsequent year. For 2017 I will just read through the OT in English.

Greek New Testament

I will be using Charles Lee Irons’s one-year GNT plan (he also has a two-year plan) as well as his new Syntax Guide for Readers of the Greek New Testament. I will probably hop around in terms of order (based on, for example, what NT classes I’m taking), but Irons’s PDFs are great for keeping track of progress. Dan Wallace has a great list for those who want to read roughly in order of increasing difficulty.

Old Testament Pseudepigrapha

Joseph Ryan Kelly has made an awesome one-year reading plan that actually only lasts ten months. This is quite perfect for me because it would allow me to take two weeks off for each round of midterms and finals.

Putting it all Together

I’m basically putting together three one-year reading plans into my mish-mashed plan, so I hope it won’t be too tedious to maintain. I also hope that all of this is doable in one hour per day, which is what I’m allotting to original language and primary source intake. I imagine I will spend 10 minutes on OT, 30 on the GNT, and 20 on OTP per day. I suppose this time breakdown is the real goal; if I don’t get through all of the texts it won’t be the end of the world to carry it into next year.

Biblical studies nerds, what is your plan for HB/GNT/primary source reading for 2017? If you’re looking for motivation/ideas for building a plan to tackle ancient primary sources, see this great post by Shawn Wilhite.

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  1. 6 exegetical papers for each class?? I’m a bit jealous that you get to do that.


    • haha, they are shorter papers…i would personally rather write fewer longer papers than more shorter papers….but this makes sense for the OT canon courses bc I think the purpose is so that we’re writing papers in each section of literature


  2. I’m planning on doing a modified version of Shawn Wilhite’s plan; I’m forgoing the alternating odd/even days and just focusing on German. My German skills are in need of some powerleveling! I’ll probably be reading the OT Pseudepigrapha as well.


    • Awesome! I’m going to be modifying Shawn’s plan for a while before I can (hopefully) work up to that level. I haven’t even learned any research languages yet!


  3. Reblogged this on Talmidimblogging and commented:
    Happy New Year!!


  4. Jen, I saw your blog via Facebook. These books reviews are helpful! And this reading plan is a beast! How has the program been thus far? Have you enjoyed the Syntax Guide?

    I read the English Bible through continually. I have a few OT books remaining for this round. Maybe I’ll try the GNT next (not sure my Greek is proficient enough to do it in a year).

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    • Haha, thanks! I was not able to keep up with pseudepigrapha, but everything else has been good. I love the syntax guide bc it’s a small one-vol guide to the whole NT that’s about the size of the GNT. For in depth study on specific books I always consult EGGNT and BHGNT.

      Kudos to reading the English Bible through continually! Most people struggle even with that. And if 1 year for the GNT is likely not doable, try doing it in 2 next! The important thing for improving Greek is just read regularly, even if you don’t understand everything.



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