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Ebook Sale Notice – Zondervan Academic Gospels Commentaries

Zondervan Sale

Zondervan Academic is currently having an awesome sale on some of their Gospels commentaries (up to 80% off!). The volumes fall into several series:

  1. NIV Application Commentary helps us understand how the Bible’s ancient message speaks today. I always consult this series when preparing a sermon. At $4.99 a pop, these are probably the best deals of the sale. You’ll want to snag Darrell Bock’s volume on Luke, as he’s one of today’s premier evangelical scholars on the Gospel of Luke!
  2. Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (ZECNT) is designed especially for the pastor, Bible teacher, or students/laypeople with some knowledge of biblical Greek and is a powerful tool for anyone doing robust exegesis. This is probably my favorite Zondervan commentary series and one I almost always consult when I study a text of the New Testament, whether for personal edification, sermon preparation, or writing exegetical papers. I heartily recommend all three ZECNT volumes on sale, especially the volume on Matthew by the inestimable Grant Osborne, who just retired from TEDS.
  3. Story of God Bible commentary (SGBC) offers clear and compelling exposition in the context of the Bible’s overarching story. While outside the scope of this sale, the Conan O’Brien of biblical studies (Mike Bird) published the volume on Romans and the jazz saxophonist who taught me an aspect of Greek with a modern twist (Con Campbell) will be publishing the volume on 1-3 John. But you can get Scott McKnight’s volume on the Sermon on the Mount for $6.99.

The other series on sale (with which I’m less familiar) are the Expositor’s Bible Commentary, Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary, and Studies on the Go. Check out Zondervan Academic’s Gospels ebooks sale and stock up your digital library with great reference resources for your personal study, academic work, and/or teaching/preaching. The sale ends at 11:59 EST on August 11.

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  1. Hi. Thanks for mentioning this.

    Regarding NIVAC, I have Bock’s on Luke, and have to say I was a bit disappointed. It’s a very good book about Jesus, though, and would be great for a lot of people.

    I thought that Revelation was extremely excellent–surprisingly so, and I liked the one on Job a lot. It was unique in that it had a running interview with a sufferer in the application portion. I also bought the one on Deuteronomy on sale like this, but haven’t read it.

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    • Bummer that Bock on Luke is disappointing! I bought the Pentateuch volumes and a few from the Prophets the last time the series was on sale. I struggle with coming up with application, so I pretty much always consult these when preparing a Bible study or sermon. But like any series, individual volumes can be hit or miss.


  2. Oops, I missed the “Gospels” part. That free combined commentaries on Matthew 28 is very cool.

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  3. Good stuff

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