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Free Lectures: Dr. Craig Keener on Matthew

A few days ago Dr. Craig Keener noted on his Facebook that he had made available for free his full course on the Gospel of Matthew. This is such a gift and blessing since Keener is one of the foremost NT scholars of our day, so definitely take advantage of these and share. Dr. Keener mentioned that they especially hoped that these lectures would be used by those in parts of the world that lack access to this kind of training, so if you know people laboring for the Gospel in those parts of the world, be sure to share this resource with them (I have a lot of other free seminary level resources on my “free resources” page). This site also has a lot of other biblical studies lectures, Dr. Keener’s on Matthew was just the latest to be posted. Enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Dr. Keener’s lectures! Super neat!

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  2. Wow I didn’t know about this page! He has Acts on there too! I’m listening to the Revelation and General Epistles lectures too and enjoying them.



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