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See All Y’all* in Atlanta!!

*I once saw somewhere that in the south “y’all” is used to address 2-5 people and “all y’all” to address more than five. Southerners, please correct me if I’m wrong.

For the past few years starting around March as my social media started to buzz about ETS/SBL I’d start to feel a growing sadness; this sadness would obviously climax in November as the annual meetings took place and my social media became dominated by the nerdy happenings of these events. And I’d hear “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid in my head and with sadness remind myself that I’d never be a part of that world. Well, I suppose I should now be singing “Never Say Never” from An American Tail, because I’m going to SBL this year!!

I was worried about how I’d be able to find a roommate as a first-time attendee, especially since I’m not in seminary yet and wouldn’t be able to tap that network. But a few days ago an amazing scholar and woman of God asked me to be her roommate (I’m not revealing her identity because I don’t want you all stalking me to get to her :P), after which I immediately applied for SBL student membership and signed up for the annual meeting. I’m trying to decide whether to take in part of ETS (Wednesday and Thursday so that I wouldn’t have to miss Tuesday classes twice), but I am now leaning against it since that would mean missing ST with KJV on Wednesday as well as Greek and Hebrew Thursday. I had assumed that most professors would cancel a class for the annual meetings, but a recent TEDS MDiv graduate just told me that most profs don’t cancel.

Anywho, if you’ll be at SBL and would like to get coffee or a meal or roam the book hall together, let me know! It would be fun to meet in person some of you lovely nerds whom I’ve thus far only known via blog/Twitter/Facebook.

Also, in the past I always heard about tons of things I wanted to go to (such as the Christology showdown and apocalyptic Paul session last year), but now that I’m actually going I have this fear of not finding out about things I would want to go to. I’ll just have to trust that I will find out through social media, I guess, as I always have. I’m sure my awesome roommate will also alert me to plenty of delightful sessions and events 🙂

See all y’all in Hotlanta!

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  1. Yay! My first non-international SBL too 😀

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  2. As a born and bred Southerner, we use “y’all” for any group, regardless of the size. “All y’all” is merely emphasis, like when a teacher says, “Every one of you needs to pay attention.” In the South, that would be, “All y’all need to pay attention.”

    Have fun in Dixie! Make sure that eat at a Cracker Barrel or Bojangles. Get the “Chicken ‘n’ Dumplings” at the former.


  3. Enjoy!


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