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Saturday Sillies – If People Left Parties the Way they Leave Facebook

HT Nijay Gupta

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  2. RGB Rao

     /  April 12, 2015

    ~ Do people actually leave like that?

    I am rarely on there and when I leave I usually just disappear. And it actually has to do with my introvertedness. There are different kinds of introverts… Hahaha … the fact that I am now starting this song and dance proves I am one.

    ~ No but introversion in good measure has to do with losing and gaining energy by either being around people or not in solitude. I lose a lot of energy from parties, social gatherings and other … yuk… events. And I very seriously gain energy by being by myself… energy and quite often(!) Sehnsucht if I’m in the woods or behind a fiction book.

    For many introverts, this energy gaining/losing process extends to SM. I am one of those. I lose energy by being on SM.

    What is interesting however is that for a good # of introverts, they explode extro on SM. And then when you meet them in real life and they are so withdrawn… you are like “Is this person being a snob?” Quoi? And then you try to explain to them that this is who you are and they find it hard to believe… They think you are totally an extrovert who is just avoiding them or don’t like them or something… and … and … and…

    And…. Blah! Blah! Blah blah blah! Hahahaha ! How are you Jen?

    There you have it – an INFJ’d answer. Palto… er… Plato said the unexamined life is not worth living… You have my Plato-approved overexamined life up above.

    Pip pip cheerio!
    ~ Raj


    • Umm, this is satire, so people don’t *really* leave like that. This is exaggerated and pokes fun and the way some people announce their departure.

      And yup, I appear uber-extroverted on social media…it has less to do with masquerading as an extrovert and more to do with the fact that on social media I have people that I can relate to and communicate with in a way that I can’t with anyone I know in real life. And I’m an ISXJ (X because I tied between T/F).



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