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My Confessions

Yesterday my friend and fellow staff reviewer at Grace for Sinners, Joshua Torrey, wrote a humorous and illuminating post of confessions. I thought I’d do the same; since I rarely write anything personal here, it will give you a little glimpse into the woman behind the books.

  • I love coffee and have a hopeless chemical dependence on it, but I’m not a coffee snob. My typical routine involves Starbucks beans (Café Verona, to be specific) and my French Press.
  • I’m a bit erratic for a neo-dort (I know the new technical term is neo-Dortian, but I was calling us “neo-dorts” before it was cool). I get a lot of flack (most often just from friends harmlessly poking fun) for being premillennial and credobaptist. And as if those deviations weren’t enough, I’m also continuationist. But don’t worry, I’m complementarian and I am not Amyraldian.
  • Though I consider English my native tongue, it was actually the third language I learned (after Chinese and German. No, I no longer speak German. And yes, despite having lived on German soil, I believe in the resurrection).
  • I’m a recovering insomniac. Being out of school helps, but being a bookworm harms.
  • To the horror of many of my fellow nerds, I have never seen Star Wars or Star Trek.

The next four points are straight-up plagiarized from Josh

  • I have never seen an episode of Mad Men.
  • I have never seen an episode of Breaking Bad.
  • I have never seen an episode of Game of Thrones.
  • I have no intention of watching an episode of any of those shows.
  • I stopped watching TV before John Piper told me to throw out my TV.
  • I had the opportunity of a lifetime to dance and do ministry through the performing arts at the London 2012 Olympics. The most surreal part was performing on the Westminster Abbey Green (I couldn’t help thinking about the Westminster divines). And while we performed at some amazing venues, the most incredible ministry happened when we did random street performances during down time.
  • I often wish I could just take a month off, hole up in a cabin by a lake, and just read, write, pray, and play piano/sing.
  • Speaking of singing, I love to sing. I did some musical theater back in my youth and sang in all sorts of choirs. I have a semi-decent imitation opera voice, which I pretty much only employ in the shower for fear of shattering glass and breaking eardrums. Because I’m a soprano and always sang descant in choir. Nowadays I mainly sing bad worship music and break all the rules I learned when I sang “for real.” Like guttural pops. Guttural pops everywhere.

And this isn’t like the other confessions in that it’s not about my life in general, but something funny happened yesterday and I might as well share it here. I was telling a friend online about how I was asked to write a piece on singleness to be featured in a series on marriage and family. First thing out of his mouth: “I have a friend who’s a Bible/language genius that’s single!” *Facepalm* Anyway, please pray for me. This topic is really overdone and I think it’s hard to write well on it. I don’t want to just write the same old things in the same old tired ways. I shall link to the piece when it’s published.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that, because it probably won’t happen again. As it is, I fear I’ve revealed too much.

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  1. Juan C. Torres

     /  June 26, 2014

    A confession from me now: I am a Calvinist through Karl Barth, T.F. Torrance, et al. I can’t stand dortian or neo dortian Calvinisms. That being said, I am glad I have found your blog and look forwad to keeping up with it;)


    • Haha, thanks for sticking around despite your distaste for dortian/neo-dortian Calvinisms. i don’t classify myself that way, but I do poke fun at it. This confession is supposed to be funny 🙂 The tone is very different from how I typically write/speak.


  2. Great stuff! It’s always nice to learn a little something more about our favorite Internet personalities!


  3. From a Neo-Calvinist to a neo-dort, I loved it! Thanks for sharing.


  4. Hey Jennifer, it’s nice to know more about you


    • Hehe, I hope you could tell that it was tongue-in-cheek. You should do one too! Or if you’ve already done some (like Nick), give me a link 🙂


  5. You left out your utter lack of knowledge of sports. I admit, books are that much better.


  6. G. Kyle Essary

     /  January 13, 2015

    Wordpress auto-sent me the comment that you deleted since I commented above and subscribed to the comments. It was creepy. If there’s any way to do it, I’d suggest having that comment researched and authorities notified. That was beyond the point of provocative commenting, and was downright hateful, offensive, and seemingly dangerous.


    • Thanks for your concern, Kyle! Yes, it’s creepy/freaky and incomprehensible, but I don’t think I’m in any danger….just ignoring it and hoping this person doesn’t post anything else. I’m also going to set up comment moderation now.


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