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A Short Christology Bibliography

As I began reading Ehrman’s How Jesus Became God weeks ago, I had a feeling I’d be studying early Christology beyond the evangelical response book, How God Became Jesus. These feelings were solidified as I read the latter book, collecting papers referenced and adding scores of books to my to-read list. Overwhelmed by the number of good options, I asked two Twitter friends & Christology buffs for their top 10. Unsurprisingly, there were some overlaps in their lists. The overlapping titles happened to have already been at the top of my own list as well. I present below their recommendations for anyone else seeking a short bibliography on (early) Christology.

Tim Bertolet
Putting Jesus in His Place – Bowman and Komoszewski
The Christology of the NT – Oscar Cullman
Christology in the Making – James Dunn
Jesus as God —Murray Harris
Studies in Early Christology – Hengel
Lord Jesus Christ – Hurtado (maybe also How on Earth Did Jesus Become a God? and One God, One Lord)
Jesus and the God of Israel – Bauckham
The Preexistent Son – Simon Gathercole
The Origin of Christology – C.F.D. Moule
Pauline Christology – Fee
From Messiah to Preexistent Son – Aquila Lee

Nick Norelli
Paul’s Divine Christology – Tilling
Lord Jesus Christ – Hurtado
Jesus and the God of Israel – Bauckham
Putting Jesus in His Place
The Preexistent Son – Gathercole
Early Narrative Christology – Rowe
Pauline Christology – Fee
The Son of God – Hengel
Climax of the Covenant – Wright
From Messiah to Preexistent Son – Lee

Eventually I plan to read every single one of these, but for now I’m starting with the bigwigs of the EHCC (Hengel, Bauckham, and Hurtado). You gotta start there, right?

Random thoughts:
1) thankful for internet friendships with fellow nerds 😀
2) thankful for Amazon gift cards! Best gift for a bookworm 😀

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  1. Great lists! I’m working on a collection of those too


    • That’s awesome, Lindsay! I look forward to seeing what you’re reading as well as reading the posts you’ll be writing 🙂



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