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In the Mail

A few weeks ago I started learning Koine Greek, armed with a borrowed copy of Mounce’s Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar and free lectures from DTS on iTunes U. As I started doing simple translation, I realized that just understanding/remembering all the content is not enough. It felt rather like how I imagine it would feel if you tried to do calculus problems after learning arithmetic. I was ecstatic when I saw christianbook.com selling an older edition of Mounce’s workbook for $1.99. There was also a recent promotion of free shipping for orders over $35. Hence, my $1.99 order turned into $35.55, but I didn’t pay for shipping and I’m overall very happy with my purchase. Christianbook.com has the best sales.


At the bottom is the workbook that was the reason for the order. Above that is Wallace’s Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics for only $19.99!! At the very top is Mounce’s Biblical Greek – A Compact Guide for $4.99. Since I didn’t buy the grammar, I thought this would be a good resource for future review. But it is much smaller and thinner than I had imagined. The other two books are commentaries – Leon Morris (happy centenary!) on 1 and 2 Thessalonians for $5.59 and Harrison on Jeremiah and Lamentations from the Tyndale Old Testament Commentary series for $2.99. I kind of have a thing for commentaries 😀 And I can’t really turn them down when they’re really cheap.





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  1. Good price…though things do start adding up =)


    • Haha. This entire order is about the price of Mounce’s BBG grammar textbook, which I’m borrowing from the library. So I’m very happy with this purchase, especially Mounce’s workbook (which I realized I needed after a few weeks of just working with the grammar) and Wallace’s book (which seems to be the definitive intermediate text).



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