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In the Mail

I’ve never made a blog post just on books received before, but today’s was too good. While at work I knew that my order from Westminster Books had arrived, so I was excited about it all day. But when I got home, I discovered an additional surprise waiting for me. It felt like Christmas!


The title at the very top was kindly sent by Westminster John Knox for review. It’s a new book that I’ve been excited about for quite a few months. In From Jesus to the ChurchDr. Craig Evans focuses attention on a facet of early Christian history that has been neglected, namely, the clash between the family of high priest Annas and the family of Jesus of Nazareth. Dr. Evans’s goal is to “draw attention to the importance of this prophecy, what motivated it, and the effects it had on both the followers of Jesus and on the followers of Annas, his family, and allies” (2).

The title in the middle hardly needs introduction. Dr. Constantine Campbell’s Paul and Union with Christ won last year’s Christianity Today book award in biblical studies. But I wanted it before it was cool 😀 It’s on clearance at Westminster Books for around $7 cheaper than Amazon. So if this book has been on your wish list, it’s time to snag it (click the link above). And while you’re at it,browse the rest of the clearance section. Shipping is free for purchases over $49.

The title on the bottom is also on clearance at Westminster Books – a whopping $14 cheaper than Amazon! I love the Pillar New Testament Commentary series; I also read anything by Leon Morris. I’d recommend this volume to anyone looking for a commentary on Matthew, but especially to laymen. This series is, in my opinion, the meatiest fare that’s lay-accessible. Click here to check it out.

This purchase was made possible by all of you – it was made with the first gift certificate I received as a WTS Books affiliate, so I didn’t spend a penny and I still have some money left over for next time. So, thanks for clicking and buying. Let me just say, though, that I would still recommend WTS Books even if I were not an affiliate. First of all, the prices are phenomenal. Normal prices are around the same as Amazon, and sale prices are, of course, cheaper. Perhaps more importantly, WTS Books serves Westminster Theological Seminary in Glenside. Need I say more? WTS Books rocks because WTS rocks. Vos is boss. Beale is unreal. Gaffin has me laughin with nerdy delight. Ok, I’ll stop now.

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  1. Nice looking forward to the reviews


    • Hehe, I probably won’t be reviewing the two that I purchased. I really have no idea how to review a commentary, haha. And from what I heard from a friend, I don’t have the Greek skills for Paul & Union with Christ…so it will be a while before I read it.



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