Friday Funnies

A few days ago I discovered this gem from mastermind Christian comic artist Adam Ford: Piper Gifs! Here are a few of my favorites.

“The Piper Vortex”

“When the beat drops”


“Strengthen your rotator cuffs. To the glory of God.”

“I understand putting my hands in the air. The hiphop loses me at ‘wave them round like you just don’t care.’I care big time -@fakejohnpiper”

“The Bethlehem Shake”

“Crouching Piper, Hidden Dragon”

“Pastor John, how do you gently rebuke Pastor Meyer when his sermons lack adequate gestures?”

Check out more at Piper Gifs!

DISCLAIMER: Neither the creator of the site nor I mean any disrespect toward Piper. Piper is my favorite contemporary preacher. His gestures are legendary amongst his adoring fans.

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  1. Somehow it looks like to me a Yoga Workout =)



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