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A Sale Notice, A Thank You, And a “White Whine”

A bit earlier a friend clued me in to a sale on Beale’s books from Westminster Books. I’ve been drooling over his New Testament biblical theology for a very long time, also pining after his Commentary on the NT use of the OT. But these are expensive books, and so I constantly suppressed my desire for them. But right now the former is going for $30.24 and the latter for $32.99! To see other Beale books on sale, click here. I’m usually not an impulse buyer, not even for books I really want. But I placed my order right away, not wanting to risk them running out of sale books.

Well, moments after placing my order, I got an email with a Westminster Books gift certificate. I couldn’t believe this most unfortuitous timing; I was lamenting at the amount of money I could have saved. But hey, God is sovereign… so maybe there are other books in the future that He wants me to get 😀

Anyway, this is my first gift certificate from WTS Books as a blog partner. So thank you to all who have clicked and purchased through my WTS Books links.

Two other notable deals (freebies) for the month:

  • Christianaudio.com gives away a free audiobook download a month. This month’s freebie is an ESV audio Bible!
  • Reformation Trust has been giving away a free ebook a month since last July (I think). This month is R.C. Sproul’s commentary on the Gospel of John.

You’ll want to “pick up” these great freebies! And check out the unBEALEvable sale 😀

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  1. Nice! I always feel an extra gift certificate never hurt!



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