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Happy New Year (2014)!

Cross Con was, as expected, amazing beyond words. I still have much to process. All of the plenaries are available for free online, so do check out some (all, if you have time) of the messages.

I usually like to plan out how I will pursue the Lord through His Word during the following year well before New Years Eve, but wasn’t able to this year because of the conference. So I’m continuing to mull and plan today. In addition to a one-year reading plan I always choose a few books to study verse-by-verse and portions to memorize. I always memorize from what I’m studying because of how memorization enhances meditation and study. I think this year I’m going to finish Romans. A few years ago I stopped memorizing Romans at the end of chapter 4 because my study/meditation could not keep up with my memorization. Romans is so deep and so rich – “pure gospel”, as some have written. Whatever I end up choosing to study/memorize, I will post often on what I’m gleaning!

How are you planning to read/study the Bible this year? Which reading plan will you be using? Are you planning to study any books of the Bible in depth? Are you planning on memorizing any verses or chapters or books? Please comment, I’d love to know! As he has done for many years now, Justin Taylor has posted a roundup of various Bible-reading plans. If you want to read through the Bible in 2014 but haven’t picked a plan, do check out Justin Taylor’s post. Also, feel the freedom to split up the plan to read-through the Bible in two (or more) years if you so desire! The point is not to read through the Bible as quickly as we can, but to encounter the living Word through the written Word, to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

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  1. Right now I am on my second year of my ten year plan to go over over the whole Bible with at least one commentary for every book. I’m planning to read Judges next and we’ll see from there.


    • That’s awesome! I’ve thought about doing something similar. Do you have a notetaking or indexing approach? For one book I took really copious notes from the commentaries, but that got really tedious. Not sustainable or realistic in the long run.


      • I just highlight and write in the book (unless its from the library). In the past I use to type up notes but I felt it made me take away time from sermon prep in which I was doing that with commentaries so I didn’t want to have the same routine with sermon prep and personal devotional reading through the Word with a commentary. Very enlightening insight into your studies!


        • Hehe, up until recently I mostly borrowed books from the library, which is why I took ridiculous notes on commentaries. Since you’re a pastor and study rigorously for sermon prep, it makes sense to have a more relaxed routine for private devotions. What kind of church do you pastor? Multiethnic? Asian American?


          • I pastor the English congregation for a Chinese Church, though our English side is not necessarily all Chinese (my wife is white, etc). It’s a Christian Missionary and Alliance denomination; we’re on the Calvinistic side of that spectrum. How about yourself?


  2. How about yourself as in what kind of church are you attending?


    • Haha. I go to a Chinese church (EM) that’s officially nondenom but has a Reformed, baptistic flavor. So are you Chinese? I wasn’t sure because your last name is ambiguous šŸ˜€ Btw, your about section solicits guesses as to where you attended seminary. My first guess would have been WTS since you’re uber-Reformed and all about Van Tillian apologetics, but WTS isn’t that strong on biblical languages. So where did you go?


      • Wow, the about us section has been changed by the other bloggers on Veritas Domain, didn’t catch that until now what they added on there! I like to keep it on a low profile but I’m a graduate of The Master’s Seminary



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