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Merry Christmas! And a Quick Personal Update

I actually have a confession to make – I don’t really celebrate Christmas. I grew up in a non-Christian home, myself a convinced atheist. Eight years ago the Lord sovereignly opened my eyes to see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God; but I am still the only believer in my family. This has a large part to play in why I don’t feel much of a “Christmas spirit.” The other reason is that Christ was probably not born on December 25 anyway; and while I understand why many pursue extra piety during Advent and Lent, I’ve always tried to live every single day in light of the birth, life, death, resurrection, and soon return of Christ. Every day is Christmas and Easter.

Anyway, the personal update is this: tomorrow after work I’m heading to Louisville, KY for the first-ever Cross Conference! I think I signed up to volunteer before most people even heard about the conference. I am so excited for this conference that not only focuses on taking the gospel to the unreached of the earth, but heralds this call from the perspective of a majestic, sovereign God. Even though labels can be misleading and controversial, I’m just going to use one here to avoid being too verbose – this is probably going to become one of the “defining” conferences of the “YRR” (I wonder how many people I’ll see with t-shirts saying “Jonathan Edwards is my homeboy” or “simul justus et peccator”). Please pray for the students – that many would hear and obey the call to give their lives for this most dangerous and worthy cause – “rescuing people from eternal suffering and bringing them into the everlasting joy of friendship with Jesus.”

Please pray for me as well. Because I’m volunteering, I’m not sure how many plenaries and breakouts I’ll actually get to attend (forgive my fangirl-ness, but I really want to go to Piper and Carson’s breakouts). Even though I don’t think God is calling me to spend my life overseas amongst an unreached people group, I want to be open to the call if He is. Pray that I would hear His voice. And please pray for smooth travels back on New Years Eve – that the weather would be fine and that there would be no traffic problems. I need to be back in Akron around 3PM for a performance with The LION Players. I can make it if there are no traffic problems, but I’m nervous because any weather or traffic problems could cause me to miss the performance.

And lastly, I won’t be blogging during the conference. I had thought about live-blogging but ultimately decided against it because personal time will be hard to come by, and I don’t want to spend what precious little I find in front of my computer screen. But I will be tweeting up a storm! So follow me on Twitter if you want to see quotes and pictures throughout the conference (a picture with Piper, maybe? 😀 Sorry again for being such a groupie). I’ll queue up a few posts for the days in which I’ll be gone (like the usual “Friday Funnies,” the obligatory-for-bookworms “favorite books of the year”, my December book log, etc). I’ll provide a full update after I come back!

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  1. Hope it goes well



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