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Beautiful Things Out of Us

I haven’t gushed about The LION Players yet on this blog, and tonight’s an appropriate night to do so. In the aftermath of an incredible and unique rehearsal, I struggle to find adequate words to describe it.

Tonight was unique because we weren’t creating or rehearsing, we weren’t praying for the next group we would minister to, and we weren’t at a performance using the gifts the Lord has given us and being blown away by the saving/healing/transforming work He does through them. These constitute the bulk of how our time  together is spent, and it is an incredible privilege/honor/adventure.

However, I think what makes our team most unique is that we are more than an arts troupe and we are more than an outward ministry. Yes, our mission is to use the arts to herald the name of the Lord, His gospel, and the holistic transformation that He brings. Our aim is to see salvation and healing and freedom in our audiences by the power of the Holy Spirit and through the avenue of our art and our verbal proclamation. But we also care for each other; we carry each others burdens, we nurse each others wounds, we pray for each other, and we help each other along our individual journeys with the Lord into the fullness of what He has for each of us. Our ministry does not proceed out of a vacuum, but is an emanation and overflow of our lives together as a team and what the Lord is doing among us as a unit. And we don’t just minister to our audiences, even though that is our raison d’etre. We minister to each other.

And tonight’s rehearsal was a beautiful and powerful example of our ministry to each other. For our last performance a few weeks ago at the Rahab Ministries retreat, we felt like the theme the Lord wanted to emphasize to that group of women was that he makes beautiful things out of us. Among the many pieces that wove together was a beautiful, powerful, and anointed dance that LJ & CB choreographed to the Gungor song (it came together in just 2 weeks!). Little did we know at that time that the message wasn’t just for the Rahab women; it was for us, too. Little did we know then that the Lord would do a new work among us, making beautiful things out of dust.

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